Proteins & Animal Feed

Providing Concentrated Sources of Fat and Protein

The ethanol fermentation process separates corn into components to drive maximum value to every part of the corn kernel. Marquis produces and markets multiple animal feed products that provide worldwide markets with low-carbon, concentrated sources of fat and protein.

Marquis ProCap Gold

Marquis ProCap Gold is a high profat, high-energy ingredient consisting of protein and oil separated during ethanol production. Similar to traditional DDGS, Marquis ProCap Gold isolates protein and fat from the corn kernel but in higher concentrations. With higher protein and fat concentrations, Marquis ProCap Gold unlocks new markets for corn, including aquaculture.

Dried Distillers Grains With Solubles

Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) are the nutrient-rich co-product of dry-milled ethanol production. Some of the feed is dried, resulting in DDGS, which has a long shelf life and both cost-efficient and energy-efficient transportation. DDGS utilization as a feed ingredient is well documented as both an energy and a protein supplement in feed for cattle, poultry and swine.

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    Due to our proprietary protein and oil separation process, Marquis ProCap syrup offers a highly digestible liquid protein product. At 45% dry matter and 85% dissolved solids, Marquis ProCap syrup solids offers a unique composition with novel applications in various industries.