Our Partners

Impactful Partnerships and Meaningful Collaborations

The Marquis organization’s mission is rooted in community, and we continually innovate to create a sustainable world for future generations. In order to make this mission possible, we pay tribute to our impactful partnerships and the meaningful collaborations we have with them.

Our Industry Partners

  • Marquis Partner Fuels America

    Fuels America

    Fuels America is a coalition of organizations committed to protecting America’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and promoting homegrown biofuels that are good for the US economy, our nation’s energy security and for the environment. This diverse coalition represents voices across the country, from farmers to scientists, working to ensure that America continues to lead the world in the development and production of biofuels, supporting robust job creation and reducing US reliance on fossil fuels.

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    Growth Energy

    Growth Energy is the world’s largest association of biofuel producers representing 90 biorefineries, 105 businesses associated with biofuel production, and tens of thousands of biofuel supporters. Together, they are working to bring better and more affordable fuel to consumers, grow our economy and improve the environment for future generations. The organization’s national campaign, online at GetBiofuel.com, serves as the leading source of information for consumers seeking cleaner, more affordable fueling options. For more information on the organization, visit their website, follow them on Twitter @GrowthEnergy or connect on Facebook.

  • Marquis Partner Illinois Corn

    Illinois Corn

    IL Corn is made up of two farmer-led organizations that serve corn farmers in Illinois: IL Corn Growers Association (ICGA) and IL Corn Marketing Board (ICMB). ICGA represents the interests of Illinois corn farmers in Washington, DC, and Springfield, Illinois, while ICMB is focused on growing demand, creating new markets and fostering an understanding of corn farmers and the corn industry. Through these two organizations, IL Corn seeks to position corn farmers to create and capture profit opportunities, preserve their independence and prosper for generations.

  • Marquis Partner Illinois Renewable Fuels Association

    Illinois Renewable Fuels Association

    The Illinois Renewable Fuels Association (IRFA) is a member association formed in 2009 to help foster the development and growth of the ethanol industry in Illinois through education, promotion, research, legislation and infrastructure development. The IRFA works closely with and supports the national ethanol trade organizations regarding national legislation, ethanol policy and regulations.

  • Marquis Partner Illinois Soybean Association

    Illinois Soybean Association

    The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) checkoff and membership programs represent more than 43,000 soybean farmers in Illinois. The checkoff funds market development and utilization efforts, while the membership program supports the government relations interests of Illinois soybean farmers at the local, state and national levels through the Illinois Soybean Growers (ISG). ISA upholds the interests of Illinois soybean producers through promotion, advocacy and education with the vision of becoming a market leader in sustainable soybean production and profitability. 

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    Headquartered in Skokie, Ill., LanzaTech transforms waste carbon into materials such as sustainable fuels, fabrics, packaging, and other products. Using a variety of waste feedstocks, LanzaTech’s technology platform highlights a future where consumers are not dependent on virgin fossil feedstocks for everything in their daily lives. LanzaTech’s goal is to challenge and change the way the world uses carbon, enabling a new circular carbon economy where carbon is reused rather than wasted, skies and oceans are kept clean, and pollution becomes a thing of the past.

  • Marquis Partner Low Carbon Fuel Coalition

    Low Carbon Fuels Coalition

    The Low Carbon Fuels Coalition (LCFC) is made up of diverse companies and trade associations that all share the common goal of decarbonizing our transportation fuel supply. The LCFC advocates for robust, technology-neutral Clean Fuels Standard (CFS) policies at the state and federal levels.

  • Marquis Partner Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative (MRCI)

    Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative (MRCI)

    The Midwest Regional Carbon Initiative is a program funded by the Department of Energy and comprised of team members from multiple state geological surveys, academic institutions and industry. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the field, the initiative works to connect science, technology and research to advance Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) acceptance and deployment in 20 states across the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

  • Marquis Partner Wetlands Initiative

    Wetlands Initiative

    The Wetlands Initiative (TWI) is the leading non-profit in the Midwest dedicated to restoring wetland ecosystems. While wetlands provide habitat for all kinds of wildlife, they also improve water quality by filtering pollutants, and they moderate the effects of climate change by holding floodwaters and sequestering carbon. And they also happen to be beautiful places for people to enjoy the outdoors.

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    Untapt is a management consulting firm that empowers leaders, teams, and organizations to become healthier so that their long-term impact can be exponentially greater.

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    The Center for Bioenergy Innovation

    The Center for Bioenergy Innovation (CBI)’s vision is to accelerate domestication of bioenergy-relevant plants and microbes to enable high impact, value-added fuels and coproduct development at multiple points in the bioenergy supply chain.