About Marquis

Marquis has a long history of driving innovation in biofuel production with a diverse portfolio of multi-generational, family-run companies focused on continual innovation in creating a sustainable world. The Marquis Industrial Complex is located in Hennepin, Illinois, and is leading by example in becoming a carbon-neutral industrial complex. Today Marquis is the largest dry-mill ethanol facility in the world, producing 400 million gallons annually. Our robust team in the United States, Europe, and Asia produce and market low-carbon feed and fuel solutions delivered around the world. Marquis is creating a circular carbon economy with the production of sustainable fuels, blue and pink hydrogen, and blue and pink ammonia to decarbonize aviation, agriculture, and marine transportation. Located on the Mt. Simon geological formation, the Marquis Industrial Complex has the capacity to store over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide using carbon capture technology. With its best-in-class logistics and global reach Marquis will lead in global decarbonization.

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