Community & Outreach

Fueling Change in our Community

At Marquis, we strive to be good stewards, supporting our local community through conservation and educational programs. Together, we can bring about a brighter future for our families, coworkers and the broader community at large.    

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    Marquis Energy - Energizing Education

    Formulated in 2016, the Energizing Education Program (ME3) was created to provide an effective way to support our local schools and students directly. Marquis embarked on a mission to provide local students with an incentivized program to motivate, utilize resources, and participate in specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based (SMART) goals. Since 2016, the Energizing Education Program has grown to eight local high schools and has impacted more than 580 students.

    How It Works
    • A participating student is paired with a mentor within the school and overseen by the administrator.
    • The student meets weekly with their mentor, and the mentor provides guidance and feedback toward achieving their goals, while the administrator oversees the success of the student’s progress.
    • Marquis supports the program’s implementation by funding incentives for all components. Incentives are directly related to student buy-in, progress, and success in meeting expectations.

Other Academic Programs

  • Marquis "What Fuels You" Scholarship Program

    Seeking out ways to battle the barriers placed on education, Marquis values providing support to the next generation through scholarship offerings. Investing in providing opportunities to develop and strengthen the leaders of tomorrow is fundamental to the success and longevity of Marquis.

    Learn More about our Class of 2024 Scholarship Winners
  • Junior Achievement Program

    Marquis shares value in the Junior Achievement Program’s purpose–to inspire and prepare students in a global economy. Pairing with the Junior Achievement program, Marquis team members are able to participate in local schools providing educational resources and first-hand career readiness experience. Through this program, Marquis is able to provide a positive and impactful supporting foundation to empower the next generation.

Foundations & Support

Wetlands Initiative 

The Marquis Oak Ridge Trail was established to provide a tribute to natural innovation. Marquis Illinois, located in Hennepin, Illinois, is a neighbor to the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge and Hopper Lakes in Putnam County. Today the 3,000-acre Sue and Wes Dixon Waterfowl Refuge is one of the premier natural areas in the state. The refuge is a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance (one of fewer than 50 in the United States) and hosts more than 20 habitats. Marquis salutes the Wetlands’ natural ability to sequester carbon and provide a natural aid to the current climate issues. The Marquis Oak Ridge Trail at the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge is the site’s longest trail and one of the most-used ones, and will become even more popular when the long-dreamed-of Hennepin footbridge (now fully funded) is installed.

Another Child Foundation

It is our pleasure to support amazing organizations such as Another Child Foundation. For every truckload of corn that entered the Marquis facility during the month of August, Marquis donates $1 to Another Child Foundation. Marquis Grain and Marquis Energy, together, donated a record of $11,164 this past August and have donated over $90,000 to the ACF Mission Network over the past 10 years.

ACF has active ministries in Romania, Guatemala, Honduras, and the United States. In addition to their global outreach, they provide ministry to our local communities, most recently packing over 1,000 backpacks for school-aged children in our surrounding cities. Tim Oloffson, Executive Director of Another Child, says, “Another Child is thrilled to partner with such a well-respected business like Marquis Energy. We are excited to see these funds continue to develop the children’s education and faith. We also look forward to what the future holds. With the help of businesses like Marquis Energy, the future is bright.”

Pictured left from right: Tom Marquis, Vice President and Director of Marketing, Tim Oloffson, ACF, Gina Heuser, Scale House Supervisor, Austin Heim, Vice President and Director of Grain Operations, and Jeff Peterson, President of Grain.