MME Sound Engineering is a Licensed Compensated worker with  the New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (NJLGCCC) under the auspices of the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs. NJLGCCC Website

In order to hold a Bingo in the State of New Jersey your organization must be registered with your local town and be approved by the NJLGCCC before we can provide services.

To get started, please use the  form below:

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NJ Law dictates that there must be a secondary view of the Bingo numbers called. This is done via projectors on portable screens. We can accommodate up to 4 screens for your venue.
MME can provide an online store for purchasing of tickets and give you the ability to scan your guests in at the venue to streamline your check in process. Money is deposited to your organizations checking account or to a PayPal account.