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Press Release

Marquis Industrial Complex Announces 873 Acre Hydrogen Hub Expansion in Hennepin, Illinois

February 24, 2022

HENNEPIN, Illinois (February 24, 2022)

Today, the Marquis Industrial Complex announced an 873-acre expansion of the complex located in Hennepin, Illinois. The land acquisition will add to the adjoining 2500 acres surrounding the Marquis Energy Ethanol Plant and enhance the world-class logistics at the complex by adding a mile of riverfront access, four miles of rail and direct access to Interstate 180 on-ramps and off-ramps. The former Hennepin steel mill site is already primed for large-scale hydrogen projects having a dual service feed with 82-megawatt, 138,000-volt electrical lines, additional natural gas capacity, and pore space for carbon storage. This site expands the infrastructure available at the Bio Energy Carbon Capture and Storage project that Marquis announced last fall. 

The Marquis Industrial Complex will serve as the future home for several low and zero-carbon businesses, including an announced soy crush facility, blue hydrogen facility and blue nitrogen facility, as well as the 120 million gallons per year corn to sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel facility announced earlier this month. 

The Marquis Industrial Complex will be the first low and zero carbon hydrogen hub benefiting from its on-site Carbon Capture facility allowing for the collection, isolation, compression, and sequestration of carbon, thereby enabling the production of ultra-low carbon products. 

About Marquis Industrial Complex

Marquis has a long history as a family-run company spanning 47 years and is based in Hennepin, Illinois. Sustainability is a passion for the Marquis team, and its mission is to be the “World’s Leading Producer of Sustainable Fuels.” Marquis Industrial Complex is situated on the Mount Simon Geological Formation, with the capacity to store over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide. Marquis also intends to invest in a renewable oil plant to produce low-carbon soybean oil for the production of renewable diesel. Marquis further plans to produce blue hydrogen and blue ammonia to decarbonize agriculture and future marine transportation. With its best-in-class logistics and global reach Marquis will lead in global decarbonization. Further information is available at 

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